Diner - Restaurant  
   Open 24 hours 7 days a week 

The Plaza Diner in the Stop N Shop Plaza is your stop for fresh delicious food 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week!

The diner has been located in the New Paltz Plaza since 1969. The foundation was built here, and the diner was moved from New Jersey in pieces, and placed over the foundation. The dining room was added in 1985. 

Your proprietors at the Plaza Diner are Harris and Lorranie Dariotis. All of the staff at the diner is like an extended family to Harris and Lorraine. Most of the staff have been here for a very long time, especially the cooks. Ray "Chippy" Crispino, our Baker, has been here since 1971. We are grateful to have such a great staff, and to have a close relationship with each employee.

Memo is our cashier, and is also responsible for the beautiful flowers landscaping the Diner, and for the holiday and seasonal decorations.

Ray "Chippy" Crispino bakes our beautiful cakes, for our dessert counter, and also makes custom cakes to order, for your celebrations and events.