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Diner - Restaurant

Open 24 hours 7 days a week

Your Hosts - Harris and Lorraine Doriatis

Welcome to PLAZA DINER!

When you visit PLAZA DINER, you're with family. We serve you food we would make for our family. The freshest of fresh seafood, our locally famous baked chicken, homestyle meatloaf, a delicious burger and crispy fries or any of our other popular dishes. Our diner chefs are renowned for their reliably delicious and perfectly cooked meals.

Our warm and friendly atmosphere will welcome and relax you, while our attentive staff takes great care of you. Daily menu specials offer special treats.

PLAZA DINER is the perfect destination for your next meal out, whether it's a dinner for two, a committee meeting, or a large group celebration. We serve the whole menu 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

PLAZA DINER is the ultimate breakfast tradition in New Paltz, whether its after midnight with friends, 7am on your way to work, or Sunday morning with the whole family.

And don't miss dessert from our own bakery. Our baker, Ray "Chippy" Crispino, makes all of our beautiful cakes featured in the dessert carousel, and he will make them to order for your event. 

Come on in, or call us for take out! 

271 Main Street

(in the TOPS Plaza)

New Paltz NY 12561